Acrothamnus colensoi
Cyathodes colensoi by Matilda Smith.jpg
Scientific classification
A. colensoi
Binomial name
Acrothamnus colensoi
(Hook.f.) Quinn[1]
  • Cyathodes colensoi (Hook.f.) Hook.f., 1864
  • Leucopogon colensoi Hook.f., 1864

Acrothamnus colensoi is a plant species from the family Ericaceae and is endemic to New Zealand.[3]

It is a short shrub that grow to approximately 50 cm of tall,[4] and that can spread to form mounds of up to 2 m across.[5] Fruit are round and are white, pink or dark red in colour.[4] It can be found in both the North and South Islands, in scrub, tussock grassland and peat bogs, south of the Kaingaroa Forest.[6]

A. colensoi was named in honour of William Colenso, a New Zealand missionary, botanist and politician.[6][4]


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