Nephrolepis biserrata
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Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Division: Polypodiophyta
Class: Polypodiopsida
Order: Polypodiales
Suborder: Polypodiineae
Family: Nephrolepidaceae
Genus: Nephrolepis
N. biserrata
Binomial name
Nephrolepis biserrata
(Sw.) Schott

Nephrolepis biserrata (giant swordfern, 长叶肾蕨) is a tropical fern, endemic to Florida, Mexico, the West Indies, Central America, South America, Africa, and southeast Asia.

Its stipes are grayish brown and 10–50 cm × about 4 mm in size, with brownish-green, papery lamina that are 14–30 cm wide × 0.7–2 m in length.


  • Aspidium acuminatum Willd.
  • Aspidium acutum Schkuhr
  • Aspidium biserratum Sw.
  • Aspidium ensifolium Schkuhr
  • Aspidium guineense Schumach.
  • Aspidium punctulatum Sw.
  • Hypopeltis biserrata (Sw.) Bory
  • Lepidoneuron biserratum (Sw.) Fée
  • Lepidoneuron punctulatum (Poir.) Fée
  • Lepidoneuron rufescens (Schrad.) Fée
  • Nephrodium acuminatum (Willd.) C. Presl
  • Nephrodium acutum (Schkuhr) C. Presl
  • Nephrodium biserratum (Sw.) C. Presl
  • Nephrodium punctulatum (Sw.) Desv.
  • Nephrodium rufescens Schrad.
  • Nephrolepis acuminata (Willd.) C. Presl
  • Nephrolepis acuta (Schkuhr) C. Presl
  • Nephrolepis biserrata var. biserrata
  • Nephrolepis biserrata subsp. punctulata (Poir.) Bonap.
  • Nephrolepis ensifolia (Schkuhr) C. Presl
  • Nephrolepis exaltata var. biserrata (Sw.) Baker
  • Nephrolepis hirsutula var. acuta (Schkuhr) Kuntze
  • Nephrolepis hirsutula var. biserrata (Sw.) Kuntze
  • Nephrolepis mollis Rosenst.
  • Nephrolepis punctulata (Poir.) C. Presl
  • Nephrolepis rufescens (Schrad.) C. Presl ex Wawra
  • Polypodium neprolepioides Christ
  • Polypodium punctulatum Poir.
  • Tectaria fraxinea Cav.


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